Michael Vick still poised to continue comeback despite rib injury

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It’s been three years. Let it go. Put your signs away. Stop with the chanting. Stop with all the picketing.

Michael Vick paid his dues, did his time and now he going to crush your team on Sundays once more. The old Vick is back. Not the one that makes people grab their wooden signs and kitty sweaters, the one that makes defensive ends do a double take and linebackers blush after he blows past them.

The Eagles have named Vick the starter for Sundays game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And why not? There’s more tape on a FedEx box than there is Kevin Kolb. In his four years as an Eagle Kevin Kolb has only managed to throw the ball 140 times, for seven interceptions, four touchdowns and a quarterback rating just a smidge under 69.
Vick has over 12,000 career yards, is two short of 100 total touchdowns and dismantled the Detriot Lions last week with his passer rating topping 108. There shouldn’t have been an argument.

Now I get that Vick is sort of a hair in the egg drop soup that is the coaching-up of Kolb, but Vick is just the better player. No coach, owner, player, popcorn guy or player can afford for a team to bench the better guy because archaic loyalty that states one cannot lose his job to injury. Or to bench a player because we have to go through the motions with this guy and he needs experience.

At least not in week three.

People picked the Eagles for the playoffs and some even for the Super bowl, is that going to be possible without Vick running and gunning. He commands that team, makes the young and inexperienced offensive line better, makes the running game better and seems to have a good relationship with homerun receiver DeSean Jackson.

The Jaguars are in serious trouble. So is the NFC East which is wide open by the way. I personally think Andy Reid should have been sent packing a long time ago for many of reasons, but now I’m with him again. He sees the team is better off with the guy who can play, instead of the guy they’re hoping can play.

It’s a quarter passed Kolb and its Vick time now baby, get ready for the whirlwind.
And one final note, all you animal loving people that obviously have no lives because you spend all of it protesting Michael Vick, give it a rest. He went to jail and is just trying to prove once more that he can be a lovable and productive player. He has redeemed himself in the eyes of the NFL, the law and most fans around the league. While what he did was despicable, it’s OVER. Let it go.

If you can’t, that’s fine. Just don’t watch the game, watch old episodes of Dr. Phil and stay out of public view instead of making normal people feel uncomfortable because you didn’t have any friends but the neighborhood cats growing up. It’s just getting creepy.

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